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Language Planet India
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We offer several Language-related services to various clients.

The Language related services requires a great deal of experience and knowledge. Training and Teaching a Foreign Language, Translating Official documents or Interpretation are our business. We hope to be able to handle all of your Language needs.

Here are some services we offer:
-- Training and Teaching French, English, German, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Languages.      
-- Translation of Official, Legal, and Technical Documents.
-- Interpretation Services.
-- Web Globalisation
Web Globalisation implies developing the site content to
simplify hosting and display of localised information.

This applies to graphics, placement of text, and local content. The process of publishing web sites in foreign languages is usually referred to as web site globalisation.

We offer following services :
  • Translation of HTML/ XML web pages into any other language.
  • Consultancy on cultural adaptation of images, icons, graphics to suit the requirement of that country/ locale.
  • Internationalisation of web site (e.g. unicode enablement, separation of code and content, scalable design).
  • Web site design to meet the requirements of a multilingual web site (e.g. navigational links for various languages on the home page).

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